Our 43rd

A Tradition of Excellence in Community Concerts

The musicians of the Music Company Orchestra are teachers, parents, grandparents, great grandparents and students.

They are engineers,  computers programmers,  teachers, students, scientists, health care workers and other.

They have homes, families, committments and busy schedules.

Many are retired after a full life of work.

They live in upstate New York, from Glens Falls to south of Albany, and we have several from Vermont, including our conductor.

But they have one thing in common - they love playing music.

The MCO has over 60 musicians who bring their skill, talent and passion for music to each rehearsal and each concert. 


* Member of
the Board of Directors


  • Concert Master
    Heather Chan
  • Violin
    Aimee Albright
    Louise Binns

    Carol Blom *
    Jennifer Cornell
    Mary Cosey
    Irene DeGraff *
    Shannon Dietz_McCann
    Dave Gatitskiy
    Seth Gutman
    Josine van Heek
    Daniel Knorr

    Arlene Koster
    Bud Lindner
    Andrea McConnelee
    Carol Meyer
    Amy Mix-Sargent

    Alan Mossman
    Celia Murray *
    Christine Neumann

    Teresa Gatta Norton
    Rosemary Przybycien

    Ann Seidman *
    Patricia Trustin Walsh
    David Wilkinson *
  • Viola
    Alan Arnold
    Karl Brosch
    Louise Dickinson
    Tom Dunn
    Peggy Gerardi
    Edith Kliman *
    Kitty Vondrak
  • Cello
    Carol Bram

    Carol Douglass

    Dawn Hobbs

    George Jolly *

    Jennifer Stratton
  • Bass
    Tim Albright



  • Flute
    Judy Bachorz
    Liz Day  (Piccolo)
    Jean Hayes
  • Oboe
    Jeannette Storch
    Allison Piracci
  • Clarinet
    Dale Douglass 
    Alan Holmes  *
  • Bassoon
    Jennifer Fullam
    Laura Carham-Lunde
  • Trumpet
    Kathy Hargis
    Paul Houpt  *
    Carol Kniskern
    Kenneth Tucker
    Martin Zavidil
  • Trombone
    John Boyer

    Jaimen Hume
    Janet Gerbino
    David Paul

  • French Horn
    Dave Civale
    Kristen Lindstrom

    Doug Long  *
    Nancy McPhaul
    Ruth Richardson

    Charles Thompson *
  • Tuba
    Jake Reiter
  • Percussion
    Kathleen McNerney
    Amy Reichardt

    Beth Smith
  • Piano
    Amy Mix-Sargent
  • Conductor
    Jerry Lanoue